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    • Email Marketing

      Every player that rents a court, enrolls in a program, buys a private lesson or simply pays the pro shop with a credit card and accepts receipts via email, get their information added to the mailing list. The mailing list can have as many sub-lists as required and, at the time of collecting the information, the facility has ways of telling TennisDirector in which sub-mailing list is to be placed.

      As the email collection is effortless, TennisDirector now provides the tools to upload these contacts to any of the popular email marketing companies such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.

    • Surveys

      Facilities can create any number of surveys targeting selected services provided to clients. Each survey question can be answered via a sliding ruler (1 to 5), a "Yes" or "No" answer or a typed text.

      Surveys can be automatically sent to clients every time a court is rented or a private lesson takes place.

      A survey can be sent to the participants of a program or a specific program class.

      A survey can be sent through an email that targets and part of the mailing list.

    • Loyalty Programs

      A loyalty program is designed to give clients certain benefits if clients meet a defined purchase goal with the facility.

      Example 1 - A loyalty program can be establish that gives an additional $100 discount to every client that purchases summer programs attendance in excess to $2,000 in a period of three months (June, July and August)

      Example 2 - Rewards clients with a free private lesson if a minimum of 10 lessons is purchased in the period of one month.

    • Via Online Pages

      If players access TennisDirector through the facility own website, the right side of the reservation pages can be used by the facility to communicate with their online clients. It is a quick and totally inexpensive way of promoting tournaments, ladders or any other event.

    • A Television at the Pro Shop

      Airport style, facilities and clubs may install a television in the Pro Shop where players reservations are displayed in alphabetic sequence so players know exactly where they are playing without having to disturb the front desk. Facilities can also use that television to promote any events or sales that are about to take place.

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