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  • (-) Coaching Activities & Private Lessons
    • Appointment scheduling

      Using computers, tablets or smartphones, coaches can use TennisDirector to schedule their professional (lessons and programs) and private events, replacing any other previous calendar system that they were using.

    • Centralized scheduling

      The front desk or the head coach may centralize the process of booking private lessons. In this case, every time a lesson or a program coaching session is centrally booked, the affected coach will be notified via a text message.

    • Performance reporting

      Coaches historical activities and planned events as well as their general availability is available to themselves, head coaches and managers.

    • Coaches payroll

      Financial information related to coaches earnings regarding their activities is recorded and reported to head coaches and managers authorized to access that kind of information. Also, once payments are entered, this feature will keep accurate and totally up to date of all coaches current accounts.

    • Online Profiles

      Coaches may opt to accept (or not) online booking for their services. Regardless that decision, all coaches can have their profiles online for marketing purpose. This profile comprises a photo, availability and pricing information as well as a short resume. To build a professional resume every single time, TennisDirector provides a resume generator where each coach answers a few very simple questions and the system builds a well written text from the answers.

    • Mobile Private Lessons Management

      The coach is on the court, taking a short break and the phone rings with a call from a student wishing to take a lesson in two days at 4 PM. With the student on the line, the coach checks personal and court availability for the day required, processes the booking reserves the courts and confirms it to the student. The whole process took less than one minute!

    • Rates Flexibility

      Coaching rates can be defined for the whole facility or for each coach individually. Rates are set by a combination of 3 factors:

      A - Number of students (1, 2 3...)
      B - Time of the lesson (30 minutes, 1 hour...)
      C - Number of lessons (packages of 5, 10, 15... lessons)
      D - Weekdays vs weekend rates

    • Lesson Packages

      TennisDirector allows the sale of lesson packages and controls the consumption of those lessons so coaches and players have complete control over the process.

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