Serving Tennis and Pickleball
  • What is TennisDirector?
  • Reserving anything
  • Pro Shop Sales
  • Players Management
  • (-) Client Charge Accounts
    • Client financial statements

      TennisDirector provides for each client, a financial statement that includes all purchases (reservations, memberships, pro shop...), payments and account balance.

    • Refunds into account

      Cancellations of paid purchases can be refunded into account. Later, when the client purchases another item (reservation, pro shop...) the system will highlight that there is a balance that can be used for payment.

    • Payments into account

      Clients may "deposit" payments directly into their accounts to pay for current or future purchases.

    • Payments from account
    • If the client has a credit balance in the account, that credit may be used to pay for any purchases.

    • Transfers between accounts/li>

      At request from they clients, facilities may transfer amounts from one client to another.

  • Financial Management
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