Serving Tennis and Pickleball
  • What is TennisDirector?
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  • Other Features
  • (-) Information Security
    • Need to protect information

      TennisDirector does not physically store Credit Card or any other "dangerous" or critical information in its database. However, good management requires that staff members access their areas of responsibility only so that confidentiallity and financial records integrity can be safeguarded at any time.

    • Staff levels

      There are 4 possible staff levels:

      Corporate owners. Can access anything within the corporation or the holding, depending where the person is allocated to.

      Owners. Can access anything except corporate owners' profiles. Owners access can be restricted to a list of predefined facilities.<.p>

      Administrators. Can only access the sections of the system specified in their profile.

      Pros. Pros have access to lesson scheduling. Pro's can also be any of the other levels.