Serving Tennis and Pickleball
  • What is TennisDirector?
  • Reserving anything
  • (-) Courts Management
    • On site management (front desk)

      The front desk application has complete control over all facility operations. The front desk has access to courts reservations, private lessons, program schedules, programs attendance and rules of engagement.

    • Players online computer reservations

      Players can use their computers to reserve courts, program attendance, private lessons, tournament registration and search for other people to play matches with. They can perform multi-court reservations, copy past reservations into the future and use friend's list to populate reservation without the need for searching for players.

    • Coaches online computer reservations

      Coaches can reserve courts for private lessons as well as define their time availability and plan their activities deep into the future.

    • Mobile reservations (smartphones and tablets)

      TennisDirector has a very strong mobile component that allows players and coaches to use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to just about everything that they can do on a computer.

    • Reservations stats and reports

      What is the real court occupancy through out the day and who is occupying the courts? How seasonal is the business? How does member activity measure against non members'? These and many other questions are answered at the simple touch of a button.

    • Dynamic court allocation based on usage points

      Most private clubs battle with the challenge of fairly distributing court time during rush hours between their members. TennisDirector has several ways of solving this issue and its discussion is detailed later on in this document.

    • Rain cancellations

      Easy reservations, private lessons, program enrollments and all other events cancellations in case of rain or any other reason that forces a partial or complete premises shutdown. Recovery tool to correct mistakes or shutdown time miscalculations. Automatic notification of all parties involved.

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