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  • (-) RPS - Reservations Points System (the lottery!)
    • The fair way to solve courts scarcity

      Many clubs have issues in providing all members with a fair share of the court infrastructure mainly during rush hours. To solve this situation, TennisDirector provides the Reservation Points System (RPS) which is a sophisticated tool that measures players' time in the court during rush hours and gives court usage priority to players with less play time.

    • Usage points allocated for rush hours playing

      One point per hour during rush hours. Total rating points is the sum of all points accumulated during a rolling 30 day period.

    • Dynamic court allocation based on usage points

      The more a person plays during rush hour the lower the possibility of that person to play on the next allocation. This way, rush hour courts occupation is evenly and fairly distributed between all interested parties.

    • Court allocation optimization

      The system allocates courts to reservations based on the time requested and the player organizer. For example, if one group reserves 3 courts, the system will try to keep them physically together even if it means changing courts for existing reservations.

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