Serving Tennis and Pickleball
  • What is TennisDirector?
  • (-) Multi-Sport System
    • Space Reservation

      A great number of facilities offer more than tennis to their clients. Volleyball, basketball, racquetball, fitness, aerobics and many others. Sports that require space reservation (Basketball, aerobic classes...) can efficiently use TennisDirector for that purpose.

    • Clinics & Programs

      Swimming camp, aerobic classes, volleyball camps are examples of sports programs that may or may not require space reservation but they all require coaches, schedules, students enrollment, students attendance checking and online and onsite registration and payments. All these are functions that TennisDirector performs efficiently and effectively.

    • Services "menu"

      Facilities can prepare a services menu offering their client different services at different prices, lasting different times. The menu is a document where each offer is represented by a price, a duration, a location and a supporting graphic representation (jpeg). These services may be purchased online or at the front desk. This feature is used for massage programs, personal fitness coaching and any other activities that require coaching or space reservation.

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