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Brookline Championship Series 2022
Organizer NETRESULTS - Amory Tennis
Dates From: Tuesday, September 6, 2022
To Sunday, October 16, 2022
Registration closes: Saturday, September 3, 2022
Registration (See divisions)
Sponsor facility 45 Amory St
(781) 239-9975
Tournament Director Samantha Viau
(111) 111-1111
Enrolments are closed for this tournament    
Tournament Information
For Players, Draws and Match Results, click on the division
Mens A (advanced) Singles Male
Mens B (intermediate) Singles Male
Women A (advanced) Singles Female
Women B (intermediate) Singles Female
Mens A doubles (advanced) Doubles Male
Mens B doubles (intermediate) Doubles Male
Women's Doubles Doubles Female
Mixed A doubles (advanced) Mixed doubles All
Mixed B doubles (intermediate) Mixed doubles All
Tournament News
9/13/2022 @ 06:30 Use your computer for complete tournament info
Click the following link

Log in with the same email and password you use in the app. Here you can see the draws, results of all matches. You also have available all app functions if you want to communicate with other players or enter results.
9/7/2022 @ 05:29 Text
If you are not receiving the Tournament emails, you most likely didn`t enter your email address at the time of registration. Please do it here:
9/6/2022 @ 12:18 Using the mobile app to manage your tournament
Once you download the app, tap the icon:
1) Login
2) From the location list select NETRESULTS - Amory Tennis
3) You are now in the programs page. Tap the menu icon (3 parallel lines) on the top left of the page.
4) Select Tournaments
5) Tap Brookline Championship Series 2022
6) All your matches will show
9/6/2022 @ 10:54 Important Tournament Information
Brookline’s 1st Championship Series Important Information

Please use this link to download the Tennis Director App where you will find your matches, enter scores and contact your opponent.

Scores must be reported directly through the app. Please contact Samantha @ if you need assistance. If the match is not completed by the deadline we reserve the right to advance either player/team ahead depending on circumstance.

It is up to players to schedule all matches with their opponent. Netreuslts Tennis is not responsible for setting up matches or reserving court space. Matches that are played at Amory park are required to follow Amory guidelines but will not have a time limit in which to complete the matches.

All matches must be played before the deadline dates:

Round of 32- September 18th
Round of 16- September 25th
Quarter Finals- October 2nd
Semi Finals- October 9th
Finals- October 16th

Match Format:
Best 2 out of 3 sets
Ad scoring
If set is tied 6-6, 12 point tie-breaker, first player to 7 points by 2
9/5/2022 @ 19:01 Match Schedule Dates
Please note:

The email that was generated from the system is a completion date- not the date the match is to be played. For example, if the email reads:

Your next match will take place on September 25th at 10 pm means your match is to be completed by September 25th at 10 pm.

Sorry for the confusion.
9/5/2022 @ 11:48 Tournament app download
In order to schedule matches and enter results using your computer, please click the following link:

To load the mobile app, click the following link:
8/30/2022 @ 13:07 Doubles Players- Important Information- Update
The previous email was sent as a reminder to Doubles Players only.

If you are registered as a doubles player without a partner, we will pair you with one. If you registered as a doubles player and chose a partner, they also need to register.

Singles Players- please disregard.

Sorry for any confusion.