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Westside Park- Joyce Oransky Tennis Center - Gainesville, FL
September Love to Learn Beginner Clinic (Thurs-PM)
For new players or beginners with minimal tennis experience, Love to Learn is a 6 week play opportunity with players of equal skill and experience. Pros work with players on shot basics, point construction, and rallying. Players work up to practice sessions with volunteer mentors who get participants up to speed on court etiquette, scoring, calling lines, and other rules and procedures. Players can then graduate to the Love to Play program featuring more advanced match play.
Type Group lesson Age Adults
Gender All genders Player level Beginner
Price per The whole period
Program director Christopher Champion Phone (352) 559-8860
Date start Started Date end 10/24/2019
Classes take placeThursday 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Attendance packages - 1 day per week Price  $25.00