It has been said that, "There is no money to be made in tennis." And yes, we are talking about a multi-billion dollar industry, which the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) estimates to be 17.9 million players in the USA alone! A business, which pays the male and female winners of its four Grand Slams the sum of approximately $3 million per winner, per grand slam, each year. Equipment and apparel companies are making hundreds of millions in profits each year. So, why are clubs and public facilities struggling to survive?

The answer is actually very simple. It's not that there is no money in tennis. The real problem is that there is an abundance of money in tennis, which allows professionals to make a living by just opening their doors and waiting for players to arrive. Regular normal business practices, such as Operations, Financial Planning, Marketing, and Sales, all of which are critical to any business to survive, are all absent from most tennis operations.

What is the solution? This is where TennisDirector can make you a winner. TennisDirector proves, undoubtedly, there is lot of money in tennis by providing both club owners and facility managers with a business tool, which supports all aspects of a professional tennis operation. TennisDirector collects all daily marketing information, runs all operations with little to no human intervention, collects and reports all financial information, and further helps by answering questions such as "How are we doing?" and "What should we do next?" … all with just one glance at a computer or a tablet.

TennisDirector’s software is evolving to manage fitness rooms, yoga classes, and many other sports activities, to include golf in the future, so that it can become the single management solution for every sports oriented club. Yes, we can help your sports facility. So, call us today!

Watch TennisDirector’s evolution and future!

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