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Club Championships:

The biggest draws have been published today, May 31st. All other draws will be published later in the week.

Reach out to your opponent now to schedule your match. The play period for each round expires at the date listed in the draw. Matches must be played within the play period so that we can stay on track with all Finals for Championship Weekend on September 8-10.

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Court Reservations
Click on the blue button below to get to the log in page. When clicking Sign In on the following page, log in by entering your e-mail address or your LCC member number. If your member number is not working properly to log in with, try without the zero in front of your number.

First time users: The system has not set a password for you. You can create a password once you log in. Log in and click on your name to open your account settings.

Families must be aware of that each family member has a slightly different membership number. A spouse and children will have a letter A, B, C and so forth after the number. As an example, a child's member number could be 12345B, but could not be 12345.

Registrations to the Club Championships must be done here on this website, NOT in the app.

Notifications: You can select if you want to receive your court reservation confirmation as an e-mail or a text message. The text message is shorter and consists only of the date, time, and court number. The e-mail includes a reminder of the COVID19 symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms, please stay home and don't come down to the club.
Court Reservations
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